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Remember me to all old friends

Remember me to all old friends. This book absorbed my life for a while as I did the internal layout, back-of-book index and cover layout and design.

Remember me to all old friends was written by Dr Melanie Piddocke, about the Fryer Family and the years 1915-1918. 

Their story is not unique to families during the First World War but you come to feel you know them as friends, through Melanie's writing and by reading the excerpts from the letters the Fryer family wrote to each other.

This book (and the friends I came to know inside) I will remember with fond memories.

Why Clever People do Dumb Things

I loved working on this book. It was a fantastic read and rewarding to see in print.

Salute to the Hudswells

It was a privilege to work with Ian, David and John. Positive reviews of the book not only spoke about the great work by the authors but also the design and layout 

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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